I’m often invited to speak on topics related to analytics,  launching & running startups, better product/market understanding and all things media, social or SaaS-related.

On any of the above topics, I can do hour long sessions, half day bootcamps or full day workshops.

I’ve given presentations such as:

  • Lean analytics for startups
  • Communilytics: Creating a social media measurement culture
  • What a Complete Web Monitoring Strategy Looks Like
  • Relating Web Performance to Conversions: How and Why

Here are a few presentations that I’ve given recently:


Sean Power – Applied Communilytics In a Nutshell from webcom Montreal on Vimeo.

You can find more of my presentations on slideshare.

Audience Reviews

“A session full of insightful, actionable ideas. Sean and Alistair share both there successes and their failures. They give you a framework more on how to think about your analytics and your test than a simple one size fits all do A, then B then C for result D.  Their session alone was worth the cost of the conference.”

See more reviews from the Web 2.0 Expo bootcamp here.

“Great tips on making the math work for you when communicating to other, non-technical audiences in your business. Very organized, clear direction and message. Need to buy the book!”

See more reviews from the Velocity presentation here.

Interested in having me speak at your event? Contact me at the address sean at httpd dot org.

Short Speaker Bio

Sean Power is a startup executive, advisor to founders,  internationally published author (O’Reilly), and often speaks on topics relating to technology and business.  He advises early stage startups, with a particular focus on media and SaaS business models, and is passionate about businesses that revolve around data, analytics, music or gaming.  Sean is or has been associated as an executive with startups such as The Coveteur, Dishcrawl (Director), KISSmetrics, The New Hive, Cheezburger, Akoha, CoTweet (acquired), PostRank (acquired), and Coradiant (acquired).  He is a current mentor for Toronto-based Highline.vc and the Google NEXT incubator.

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